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The Testimony of Faith
The Testimony of Faith
The Testimony of Faith
The Testimony of Faith
The Testimony of Faith
The Testimony of Faith
The Testimony of Faith

The Testimony of Faith

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Publisher's summary

Written by the renowned scholar of Aleppo (Syria), Imam ʿAbdallah Sirajuddin al-Husayni, The Testimony of Faith elegantly portrays the beauty of the shahada, the Islamic testimony of faith: There is no god but God and Muhammad ﷺ is the Messenger of God. Going beyond cursory explanations, the author provides a precise explanation of its meanings and conditions, and presents an exhaustive discussion on its merits, virtues, and benefits in this life and the Hereafter.

Effortlessly taking readers through the depths and details within this basic tenet of faith, Imam ‘Abdallah Sirajuddin—may Allah be pleased with him—unravels the secrets of La ilaha illa Allah, showing how it can purify minds, hearts, and bodies, uplifting them to lofty spiritual realities that are often veiled from man.

Called by his contemporaries the Pole of Prophetic love, Imam ʿAbdallah demonstrates the inseparable link between affirming Allah’s Oneness and affirming the primordial rank of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ as the first of the Messengers created, the last of them sent to mankind, and the first of them to be resurrected.

With the precision of a Hadith scholar and the love of a Gnostic, Imam ʿAbdallah Sirajuddin presents readers with this outstanding work: an authoritative look at the first pillar of Islam that will satisfy students of Islamic theology and spirituality alike.

     How strange it is, how can God be disobeyed
     And how can the obstinate disbeliever deny Him
     When in every movement and stillness
     There is always for Him a witness
     And in everything there is a sign Showing that He is One

Author `Abdallah Sirajuddin al-Husayni
Translator H. Caraballo and Suraqah Abdul Aziz
Publisher Sunni Publications (Rotterdam)
Year Rabi` al-Awwal 1440 AH / December 2018 CE
Pages 160
Binding Paperback
Size A5
Weight 0.220 kg
ISBN 978-9-0792942-8-2
Note 2nd Edition