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Kutubic is a not-for-profit media house established in the United Kingdom in 2012. We aim to overcome barriers to accessing traditional scholarship through the publication of translated and original works of classical and reliable scholars of the Ahl al-Sunnah.

The Muslim world of old was defined by its intellectual spirit - some of the largest libraries in the world were to be found in the Muslim lands, and the world's first university was founded by a Muslim woman. Yet today, it is easy to see how far removed the Muslim nation has become from its historical glories.

Kutubic aims to play its role in bringing about a holistic revival of this tradition by the provision of eloquent and aesthetically appealing products to the large English-speaking Muslim communities throughout many parts of the world. Our works are deliberately and carefully priced to be accessible, and we commission local prints in different locations throughout the world to offer locally affordable prices to all our readers.

We ask for all our readers and well-wishers to supplicate that Allāh Almighty places blessing and benefit in our efforts, and that He occupy us in the service of His pristine religion.

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