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The Life of the Chosen One ﷺ (Volumes 1 and 2)
The Life of the Chosen One ﷺ (Volumes 1 and 2)

The Life of the Chosen One ﷺ (Volumes 1 and 2)

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Publisher's summary

The Life of the Chosen One is a 2-volume translation of Sīrat al-Muṣṭafā ﷺ – a comprehensive, detailed and in-depth work on the sublime life of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ.  It covers most, if not all, of the significant events in his ﷺ blessed life.

This is one of the most reliable in-depth books on sīrah currently available in the English language.  It is in 2 volumes hardback.  The first volume covers the Makkan period of his blessed life whilst the second volume covers the Madinan period as well as his Shamā’il (sublime characteristics) and khasā’il (exclusivities) and mu`jizat (miracles).

The book contains copious footnotes with citations of full references, and also includes detailed indexing for ease of reference.  Appendices have also been added for further clarity and detail.


Shaykh al-Hadith al-Allamah 'Abd al-Mustafa al-A'zami was born in Karimuddinpur, Ghosi, India in the month of Dhu al-Qa'dah 1333 AH [ca. 1914CE].  He was one of the many great luminaries to be born in India, who propagated the pristine teachings of Islam and truth worldwide: the effects of which are evident until this day and shall remain so until the last.

He was a matchless orator, and Allah granted him such eloquence and charisma in his speech that his words captured the hearts and minds of the people. His language was simple yet so charming that the listeners' thirst would but increase even further. The blessings of his oratory were spread far and wide across the country.

He was also a prolific writer despite being heavily engaged in teaching and delivering lectures. He left behind as many as 25 works as part of his legacy.

On Thursday 5 Ramadan 1406 AH (ca. 15 May 1985) at the time of salah al-`asr, this erudite scholar returned to his Lord.

Author `Abd al-Mustafa al-A`zami
Translator Muhammad Kalim al-Qadiri
Publisher Al-Ihya Foundation (UK)
Year Ramadan 1442 AH / May 2021 CE

Volume 1:  492
Volume 2:  377

Binding Hardback
Size A5
Weight Volume 1:  0.967 kg
Volume 2:  0.768 kg
ISBN 978-0-9928987-8-6