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Al-Mantiq al-Jilani: A Primer in Classical Logic

Al-Mantiq al-Jilani: A Primer in Classical Logic

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Publisher's summary

Mantiq - the Arabic name given to the science of classical logic - has formed a major part of classical syllabi for Islamic scholars for centuries. Aiming to equip students with a skillset and methodology to ensure logical and consistent thought-processes and analysis, it is a science given ever less attention in today's world.

This work - part of a series of primers being written and published by the team at Sadr al-Ulama Academy - is a concise and beneficial work for the student as they begin their journey in the Islamic sciences. Written in easy-to-understand English, it enables the student to engage with the concepts and commit them to memory.

Author Sayyid Muhammad Zarqani
Translator N/A
Publisher Sadr ul Ulama Academy (UK)
Year Rabi` al-Awwal 1440 AH / November 2018 CE
Pages 147
Binding Hardback
Size A5
Weight 0.367 kg
ISBN 978-1-9996326-1-8
Note None