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A Reflection Upon Amir Mu`awiyah

A Reflection Upon Amir Mu`awiyah

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Publisher's summary

An excellent book on the rank of the Noble Prophetic Companions and the Pure Prophetic Family and the virtues of Amir Mu`awiyah radi Allahu anhu.

Nowadays many religious leaders who claim to be Sunni are gripped by the disease of hatred towards Hadrat Amir Mu`awiyah, radi Allahu anhu. This treatise is intended to completely cure this disease and fill the hearts of Muslims with love of the Prophetic Companions and the Prophetic Family so that love and honour of Amir Mu`awiyah, inclination towards him and the respect of this Prophetic Companion is established in their hearts.

Author Ahmad Yar Khan Nai`mi
Translator Shahid Ali
Publisher Sirhindi Press (UK)
Year Rabi` al-Thani 1440 AH / January 2019 CE
Pages 157
Binding Paperback
Size A5
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