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Imam al-Qadi Yusuf al-Nabhani

Imām Yūsuf b. Isma'īl b. Yūsuf b. Isma'īl al-Nabhānī was born in Ijzīm in 1849.  In his formative years he studied the Holy Qur'ān with his father Imām Isma'īl al-Nabhānī, later travelling to al-Azhar University in Egypt to continue his studies for approximately 6 years.

He travelled thereafter learning the spiritual sciences stopping at spiritual centers across the Levantine.  Gaining ijāzāt in numerous spiritual orders like Idrīsiyyah, Rafā`iyyah, Khalwatiyyah, Shādhiliyyah, Naqshbandiyyah and Qādiriyyah.  He then found settlement in Beirut, Lebanon working as a Judge (Qāḍī).

He authored over 100 books upon many areas of religious sciences some of which are taught and studied by scholars and students alike.

To conclude, Imām Kattānī said "he was the [Imām] Būṣīrī of his time, eloquent poet, prolific author and a pearl of his time".  An individual who was truly a master of many sciences and marvellous scholar.  The Imām passed away in Beirut in the beginning of Ramaḍān in 1931.

Abridged biography courtesy of Muhammad Ali Asghar and Sayyid Muhammad Samdani in Forty Divine Narrations

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