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My Two Angels
My Two Angels
My Two Angels
My Two Angels
My Two Angels

My Two Angels

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Publisher's summary

What are angels made out of? How many angels are there? What is the job of the two special angels we all have with us? What are examples of good and bad deeds? If we choose to do good deeds, what will we be given by Allah?

The Muslim belief in Kirāman Kātibīn (the recording angels who record good and bad deeds) is an important aide in the path towards attaining Taqwa (fear and awareness of Allah).

This book, in an engaging manner with rhyming text and colourful illustrations, introduces to young children the concept of angels in general, and Kirāman Kātibīn in particular, thereby acquainting them with basic Muslim creed, as well as making them more aware of their actions, and the rewards and consequences associated with them.

It is ideal for family reading time and can form the basis for great discussions geared towards making children more responsible and reflective in their behaviour and actions.
    Author Abu Ameen
    Publisher Hijrah Press (UK)
    Year Rajab 1443 AH / February 2023 CE
    Pages 32
    Binding Hardback
    Size A4
    Weight 0.200 kg
    ISBN HP-KIDS-2023-MTA1
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